Power your business with reliable phone service

Unlimited local calling included!

Business Phone Service

MMU offers business phone service to companies located in Manning, Iowa.

Our phone service’s key benefits include: 

  • More reliable than wireless phones
  • Affordable calling features
  • Unlimited local calling
  • No contracts
  • Crystal clear connections
  • Instantly located when 911 is dialed

Pricing Information

Business (1st Line)Monthly Cost
Local Access$18.50
Subscriber Line$9.00
E911 Surcharge$1.00
Total Business Local Phone (1st Line)$31.05
Additional Business Lines are available for $26.65 (each) per month.

Additional telephone services

Long Distance Options

Long Distance Pricing

  • $0.14 per minute used 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week to Anywhere in the U.S
Calling Features
FeatureResidential price per mo.Business price per mo.
Caller ID$5.00$5.50
Call Waiting$1.65$2.25
Call Forward$1.65$2.25
3-Way Calling$1.65$2.25
Call Return$3.00$3.50
Speed Dial (8)$1.65$2.25
Speed Dial (30)$3.00$3.50
Busy Redial$1.65$2.25
Call Trace (each)$3.00$3.00
Selective Call Acceptance$3.00$3.50
Selective Call Forwarding$3.00$3.50
Selective Call Rejection$3.00$3.50
Priority Ringing$1.65$2.25
Serial Hunt / Roll Over$1.65$2.25
Anonymous Call Rejection$3.00$3.50
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